Pastoral Outreach

This team has reviewed how our Parish community looks outside itself as a group of worshipping believers and how it seeks to serve the community. It has looked at existing pastoral care provision and seeks to renew a vision of pastoral care that informs our outreach to the community.
The team has explored and evaluated our current work, including visiting of the sick, SVP, Justice and Peace, CWL, Youth Club, ecumenical work, missions boxes, Food Bank and FAR inputs, Street Reps and so on. They will continue to consider whether there are gaps in our provision of service to the local Fenham community and to the worldwide Church.

Are there particular groups who are not receiving the attention that they should? Do we show ourselves to be the missionary Church that Vatican II and Pope Francis call us to be? These are just two of the questions that the Outreach team is asking and is now seeking to answer in practical ways